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Canine Conditioning Seminar February 6, 2016 at Placer Dog Training Center

Do you have a best canine friend that you participate in sports with or is just your weekend pal? Have you wished there was a gym for dogs to help them improve their body like there is for you? Canine conditioning is for you!

Canine conditioning helps with: overall well-being; body awareness; balance, flexibility and mobility; muscular strength and physical performance; mental strength, focus, and confidence; and is just a fun way to bond with your canine partner!

Hangtown Kennel Club is offering a one-day seminar on canine conditioning with Rick Seltzer. The seminar will be from 9 am to 4pm on February 9.

Rick works with active competitors in agility, confirmation, tracking, therapy dogs, service dogs as well as the all American family pet. Rick is passionate about canine massage and canine conditioning to help our teammates stay strong, flexible, balanced, comfortable and happy.

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